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AED M Series – 15.0 HP Duplex Horizontal

The M Series air compressors are available in many motor configurations and offer maximum air power day-in and day-out.

Compressor Pump
Cast iron compressor pump · Splash lubricated · Stainless-steel braided discharge hose · Large canister intake filter · Oil lever sight indicator

Industrial low RPM motor · Magnetic start for thermal overload protection

Powder coated ASME receiver tank · 3/16-inch base plate to reduce vibration · Powder coated two-piece belt guard

ASME safety valves · Tank pressure gauge · Hour meter · Large fly wheel · Intake filter/silencer · Tank shut-off valve · 3 position switch - compressor 1 (lead motor pump), automatic alternating and compressor 2 (lead motor pump)

Models Available
AED-20315-120HM    200V, 3Ø, 88.0A    1796 lb. ship wt./1646 lb. net wt.
AED-23315-120HM    230V, 3Ø, 76.0A    1766 lb. ship wt./1616 lb. net wt.
AED-46315-120HM    460V, 3Ø, 38.0A    1766 lb. ship wt./1616 lb. net wt.

AED M Series – 15.0 HP Duplex Horizontal - 120-Gallon

  • 1 Year Electric Motor
  • 2 Year Pump Exchange

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