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Larger projects involving heavier-bodied coatings require the highest atomization power and long-term dependability of the Capspray 115, a solid – but remarkably lightweight – workhorse HVLP sprayer capable of atomizing thick latex or solvent-based paints, enamels or varnishes with little or no thinning. This is the sprayer professionals use when projects expand or workshops fill with cabinets and furniture.

Titan Capspray 115

SKU: 524034
  • Common Specifications Capspray 115

    Max. Operating Pressure (psi)

    11.5 psi

    Air Inlet Pressure Range (psi)

    0 psi - 11.5 psi

    Weight (lbs)

    23 lbs


    Complies with cETLus directive

    Package Contents

    30' Air Hose, 5' Whip Hose, #3, #4 & #5 Pro Sets and the Maxum II or Maxum Elite Gun with Gravity Cup Front End

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