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So tough they are virtually indestructible. Severe Service™ means twice the life with half the maintenance. The durability, reliability, and ease of operation that you need are built in to each unit. PowrCoat Sprayers have been used throughout the world, providing their owners with dependable, efficient operation.

Titan POWRCOAT 745

SKU: 0533745C
  • Product Specific Specs POWRCOAT 745, CART

    Weight (lbs)

    133 lbs

    Common Specifications PowrCoat 745

    Fixed Mixing Ratio (:1)

    45 :1

    Max. Operating Pressure (psi)

    4500 psi

    Max. Material Delivery Rate (gal/min)

    2.8 gal/min

    Air Inlet Pressure Range (psi)

    0 psi - 100 psi


    Complies with CE directive

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